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Don't Stop the Flow
A Titan FCI Duplex Strainer

 Titan Flow Control's Duplex Strainers, ideal for non-interruptible applications, are now available in larger sizes and higher pressure classes so you don't have to stop the flow for cleaning and maintenance!

Learn more about the DS 595 CIDS 596 CS/SSDS 596 ABDS 696 AB 

DS 695 CI ▪ DS 696 CS/SSDS 796 CS/SSDS 896 CS/SS

Divert flow during cleaning to keep pipeline running
Pressure Classes ASME 125, 150, 300
Quad-Ball Diversion on Larger Sizes
Now sizes 6" and 8" are stock products

Engineered for optimal flow patterns, Titan FCI’s Duplex Strainers, divert the pipeline flow from one basket chamber to the other allowing the inactive chamber to be cleaned without shutdown.

No special tools are needed to operate the handle or remove the straining element reducing in-line maintenance.

Titan’s Duplex Strainers are available with threaded and flanged ends in a variety of materials. All cast iron and carbon steel units are epoxy painted to resist rust. They can be fitted with virtually any configuration of perforation or mesh lined straining elements. Straining elements can also be constructed from special materials such as Alloy 20.

We can fabricate a duplex strainer to meet your unique needs!

Check out our Fabricated Designs or
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A Titan Fabricated Duplex Strainer